Welcome to the rice fields mother fucker.

of culture dating back to even neolithic times, and are of general greater importance to both Chinese and Japanese culture, so you see them more.

The Four Benevolent Spirits are more seen as signs of luck than anything else. They are said to live in the royal palace.

The Four Evils are Kyoukou (Gong Gong), Kantou (Huan Dou), Kon (Gun), and Sanbyou (San Miao) For these individuals, once again Google sensei is your friend. In Japan, they are grouped together as the Four Evils, but in China, the Four Evils are not specified (Though each of these entities do exist in Chinese myth and history).

I will be using the Japanese names, but I’m not sure if I should change the instances where I used Spirit Turtle to Reiki.

Who said you don’t learn anything from reading light novels?

Chapter 221: Release Time

“What was that!?” (Ren & Naofumi)

I unintentionally harmonize with Ren. But that’s to be expected.

Ghost Rice Field